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Healing and Wellness System

Our bodies have been through a lot. Over the years chemicals found in our foods, the air we breathe, medication, cosmetics, or even households harbor themselves in our bodies. Over the years cholesterol levels go up leading to high blood pressure and heart conditions. The blood, liver, and kidneys are bombarded with toxins and metabolic waste products. All of which leads to inflammation building to chronic levels; threatening disease and bogging us down. Best Health's Healing and Wellness System is a response to these three threats. Force's proprietary polyherbal blend of Lily of the Valley, Chickweed, Hierba Del Sapo, etc masterfully aids the body in ridding itself of excess cholesterol. Sense is powerful blood live and kidney detoxifier and cleanser. Finally, Peur is blended to fight and retard bodily inflammation. The blend features multiple botanicals like Goldenrod and Bladderwrack that reduce inflammation markers in the body. As you participate in the FREE HUW Fit-body Clinic combing any of our programs with the Healing and Wellness System will reduce your cholesterol, toxins, and inflammation and add years to your life.

$75 USD

Sense BLK

A poly-herbal blend of botanicals that aid the body in detoxifying the blood, liver and kidneys

$25 USD

Peur Inflammation Buster

A poly-herbal blend of botanicals that aid the body in removing inflammation.

$25 USD

Force Cholesterol Buster

A poly-herbal blend of botanicals that aid the body in removing cholesterol and lowering blood pressure.

$25 USD

Detox & Cleanse System

Sense is a capable blood liver and kidney detoxifier and cleanser in its own right but when it is combined with Activated both form a powerful offense and defense against toxins. Activated binds to toxins and flushes them out of the body, no matter where they're at. This in turn reduces the kind of oxidative damage that triggers the aging process. Activated also reduces bodily inflammation for another powerful polyherbal team-up. Peur combined with Activated maximizes the removal of inflammation and actively fights against its buildup in the body. Best Health's Detox and Cleanse System is good to pair with any HUW Fit-body Clinic program.

$75 USD

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